What Does Your Inner Voice Sound Like?

Does it nag you? Make fun of you or put you down? Does it talk to you gently and tell you you look pretty today?

Who is your inner voice? Our inner voice is a culmination of our conditioning. It sounds like your mom and your dad, and the kid who made fun of you on the playground, and the teacher who criticized you. As children we soak up the world like a sponge, internalizing everything that’s told to us. We don’t know any better. As adults we can look back on our childhood and make educated decisions about whether our parents’ beliefs work for us. Being conscious of your inner voice is a powerful glimpse into your healing. How do you feel about what you just said to yourself? Is what you just said to yourself even true? This is how we get in touch with who we really are. This is how we start to recognize what’s really us and what is just our conditioning. Question all the thoughts you have. “I have to wear a suit to this party.” Why? “I don’t like bananas.” Why? “Work is boring.” Why? “I’ll be sick when I’m old.” Why? Analyze each and every thought you have and entertain an opposing view. If we never question our conditioning we can’t find our true, authentic selves.

What do you need right now? Are you scared? Lonely? Give yourself what you need. Talk to yourself the way you would talk to someone you love with all your heart who is scared or lonely. Always be mindful of your inner voice and make sure you’re treating yourself with the utmost kindness, respect, love and gentleness.


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