Movement Connects Me to Life

In the past I always led a pretty sedentary life. I spent most of my childhood in front of a tv trying to avoid physical activity. In my twenties I discovered yoga and it became an on-again off-again part of my life. After moving to Asheville I discovered and became passionate about Kundalini Yoga, and it was integral to my healing process. Being 32, I struggled to keep my weight where it used to be, so I got a Y membership. I started taking yoga and dance and Tai Chi classes. While I was getting my body in shape what I found is that moving is really powerful. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I even pushed myself way out of my comfort zone and tried kickboxing, TRX, Shockwave and Tabata. Leading the sedentary lives we lead in front of our computers, in our cars, in front of the tv, we forget that we’re really alive.

Tai Chi is an art of movement. In class we slow down each motion and work on the littlest, tiniest details of one arm movement. I’m in awe of the mechanics of my body. I feel different when I move it in different ways, experiencing energy moving around in me. It feels good to experience my muscles and bones and the power of my body and all its capabilities and how it effects my mind, calms me, and connects me to life.

These are the most amazing organic machines we live in!


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