I attended a diksha last night for the first time. Diksha is something I previously didn’t even know existed.

We sat in chairs in a large circle and people talked about their awakening experiences with the group. Then the person leading the diksha wanted to do a dancing meditation. We had to dance while “looking into each other’s eyes.” It was awkward having deep eye contact with strangers while dancing. Especially for me, because I’m not a dancer.

Then I just sat there while diksha givers walked around and put their hands over and on my head, transferring energy through my crown. I focused on my breath and was careful not to let my mind commentate or let my ego try to dictate the experience. At first I just felt energy radiating out of the givers’ hands. But then when the woman in black came around to me I felt a nurturing feeling and a sense of calm and peace. What’s more, I felt my kundalini rising up my spine. This is the first time I’ve ever felt the kundalini in my body. In my research of kundalini awakenings most people talk about feeling the kundalini rising, but it’s something I never personally experienced in my own awakening. It was a tingling feeling, and it seemed to go up to my heart chakra. In a kundalini awakening the kundalini moves up your spine through your chakras, opening and cleansing them. Perhaps the kundalini has yet to move to my throat chakra. This makes sense, because I experienced a massive, life changing opening of the heart chakra several months ago.

The diksha was completely different from each giver. From some of them I felt nothing, and from some of them I felt a nurturing and peaceful feeling. A pleasant memory popped into my mind of attending a service at a Sikh temple with my husband and my parents during a visit to Salt Lake City. It’s my favorite memory of my parents, and it was nice to re-experience because most of the time when I think of my parents I think of unpleasant things and I become angry. Perhaps some of my anger toward them was healed.

Finally we sat in silence and let the energy from the diksha integrate. I got together with friends afterward and felt a more pronounced sense of well-being and peace. I think it was brought about by the diksha.

If you research diksha, some of the first results you find are the negative experiences of people who attended and received diksha. If you plan to attend one, be mindful of the intentions and energy of the giver/s. You’ll also want to proceed with caution, because you don’t want to rush kundalini. A sudden kundalini awakening can be very frightening and tumultuous. I’ve been lucky to experience only as much as I’m ready for, and my awakening has been very pleasant.



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