Living From the Inside Out

So much suffering comes from relying on the outer world to fulfill us, from being focused on the outer world instead of the inner world. There is a world inside of you deeper than you could ever imagine. Lao Tzu calls the material world “The Ten Thousand Things.” You can choose to let the ten thousand things distract you, being at the mercy of the ten thousand things, living from the outside in, or you can choose to live from the inside out and influence the world of ten thousand things.

The deeper the connection you have to yourself, the healthier you are. Can you be alone with yourself? Are you bored if you sit alone with your eyes closed?

If your life isn’t working for you, turn inward. Inner work in turn transforms your outer world. But most importantly, someone who is truly satisfied on the inside will be joyful in almost any circumstance. Satisfaction with your outer circumstances is secondary to being right in yourself.

inner world 1


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