Are You Sleeping?

To be TRULY alive means to be conscious. Are you conscious? Do you feel good about every decision you make? Do you do your job because “it’s your job”, because you “have to put food on the family’s table”? Is your LIFE a job? Are you just going through the motions? Are you living consciously? Are you awake and alive to every moment, or are you just following a path that was already laid out for you? There’s SO much more to life. Explore the DEPTHS of your consciousness! Give yourself permission to let go. Let go of all your preconceived notions and everything you were taught, and let your consciousness go free. That’s life.

Our conditioning, the things our parents taught us, the beliefs our society instilled in us, are shackles. To be a reflection of what you’re taught, to follow a path that has already been laid out for you, is to be asleep. Do you want to go through the motions for 80 years having never lived at all? We don’t have to be afraid of our humanity. We have the ability to reason and think for ourselves and make sound decisions that are good for ourselves and our community. Society and our system is afraid of powerful individuals. Powerful, awake, conscious individuals are hard to control. It’s difficult to convince us that it’s ok to put non-violent people in cages, that we need other people to look out for us, that we can’t make sound decisions about what to put in our bodies, so they try to control us and keep us from realizing our true nature and our power.

Don’t be afraid of yourself. Don’t be afraid of your power.

Have you ever seen yourself before? I’m not talking about the reflection of your parents, their parents and their parents. I’m not talking about your job, or what you “do”, or what your hobbies and interests are. Have you ever seen you: the eternal consciousness,the glowing, ancient energy that you are? Don’t be afraid of it.

To recognize your divinity, to let your consciousness be wild and free, to trust, to be joyful, that is life. That is being awake. Don’t spend your life sleeping. Awakening is a long, difficult process. There’s also no greater reward in life. Further, not to awaken is to never have lived. I am only now getting a glimpse at life.

Get to know you. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and feel your presence. Find yourself. You’re in there somewhere underneath all the stuff: all the prejudices, opinions, interests, conditioning, likes and dislikes, memories, fears, responsibilities, the ego. Find a sadhana, (an ego-transcending experience)  and find you.

awakening universe 1


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