Update 3: Self Dental Care – Healing My Mouth

My mouth feels great. The gum beneath the tooth with the cavity was pretty swollen for a few days while I wasn’t doing my oil pulls. But I picked it back up, and my gums are only the tiniest bit swollen there now. My teeth feel really clean and sparkly, and I don’t even get food stuck in my gums anymore! That’s pretty huge! Also, there’s barely a gap between my tooth with the cavity and the gums at all anymore. So it looks like my gums have really done some healing. There has been some white over the cavity spot in the tooth, and I wonder if that’s the cavity healing.

I made a new batch of toothpaste, and I thought it felt particularly good on my teeth. I really enjoy brushing with it. (You can find the recipe I use here. It amazes me how beneficial essential oils are for everything, particularly my mouth.) My friend recommended that I put some drops of his liquid minerals in the toothpaste, and now I enjoy it even more. I just decided to do some research on using the drops on teeth when I found this incredible article on healing cavities naturally. (Read the followup article, too. It’s really fascinating, and seems like such common sense. That’s what I love about natural healing. It uses good plain old common sense.) In it she asks, if bones can heal and teeth are made of the same material as bones, why can’t teeth heal, too? She points out the fact that diet is the most important part of a healthy mouth and that cavities can’t exist in the absence of sugar in the diet. This includes fruit. She also eliminated nuts and beans and took vitamin D supplements. There’s a really cool study showing the results of cavity healing in three groups of people with three different diets. So, in short, her regimen for healing cavities is: diet: no sugar (grains and starches, fruit), no legumes, seeds, or nuts. Add vitamin D, eat a LOT of natural fats (coconut oil). Mineralize your toothpaste. Swish with hydrogen peroxide (whitens, kills bacteria). Brush with activated charcoal every couple of days (removes toxins).

I’m going to make a few changes to my mouth healing process based on this new information. I eat a whole pineapple every day, and here’s another reason that I need to eliminate or seriously limit my fruit intake. I’m going to add swishing hydrogen peroxide to my routine which currently consists of swishing salt water followed by a 20 minute oil pull and then brushing with my natural toothpaste. I’m going to add vitamin D and super K supplements back into my diet. (Never take D without super K a friend told me.) My husband did some research and found that oil pulls using organic raw unfiltered coconut oil is significantly more beneficial than other coconut oils, so I’m going to start  using that instead. I’m excited to update you again! Natural healing is so fun and rewarding!


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