Living Humbly and in Servitude

It’s been said that there really is no unselfish act. Even when we make a personal sacrifice in order to help someone else, it can be said that we’re still benefiting personally from our act because we feel good in some way about what we did. I believe that after we’ve done a significant amount of self healing, when our energy is no longer tied up being enslaved to our sense of lack or in healing ourselves, we naturally get to work healing the world. We grow from self service to living in service to everything and everyone. Helping and serving become something we naturally must do, and instead of feeling an egoic sense of pride in helping, we feel joyous to be able to serve.

Pride (jealousy, feelings of inferiority, the need to feel important) gets in the way of true service. Western culture is full of pride. In fact, it could be said that we worship pride. It’s very important to us to be important, isn’t it? I’m learning that truly living a life of service can only be done with your higher self in the driver’s seat and your egoic “you” in the backseat. Our higher selves know nothing of pride. Pride is of the little you.

You’re either living in fear or living in love. When we’re living in fear, we live in a place of lack. We believe there isn’t enough love for ourselves, let alone enough to share. But love is abundant, and love is limitless. The more we give, the more love we feel for ourselves, and the more we get back. Love grows. The kind of love I’m talking about here is not an egoic love. It’s not loving yourself because you’re important in some way or you meet a certain criteria. The kind of love I’m talking about is a state of being. (See this blog post about opening my heart chakra.) It transcends pride, and because love grows, it extends outside yourself.

While I’ve always loved helping people, service is a new way of life for me. It was only last year that I made the decision to live in abundance. It’s hard to believe that one year can bring so much change. From feeling like there just wasn’t enough love, enough security for myself, to feeling enough abundance there’s even enough to give. Once we’re open to it, we become channels of love.

The universe has a use for us all. Each one of us is here to serve a part. Simply let go and get out of your own way, and you’ll find that once you do that, it’s like the universe just grabs you right up and starts making good use of you.

We’re all here to serve one another.


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