A Blog Post About a Blog Post

You know how I went a few months without blogging? Yesterday my good friend, the blogger at Insane Roots posted a blog about how writing is an absolute necessity in her life and that if she doesn’t write or do something creative she gets all blocked up and even physically ill. Between reading that blog post and also getting a new follower to my own blog I decided to get back into it and write a blog post. I read through my post over and over again, tweeking and making changes here and there, and you know what I realized as I got to the end of all these reads and re-reads and moving sentences around and edits? I was making sense of my situation! I got a real sense of clarity about what I was blogging about. It’s funny because the very reason I was holding back from blogging was that I was waiting to figure out what exactly it was that was going on in my life before I told the world about it. Not having any real answers, it was a leap for me to share with the world the vulnerability of my current situation. But as I inserted a few sentences into my first paragraph and ended with the last paragraph I had an aha moment and I saw my situation clearly. I figured out the attitude I needed to have, some of the lessons I’ve learned, and the value in my current place in life.

As it turns out, writing is a new form of healing for me. Thanks for reading and giving me a reason to write. 🙂


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