Every once in a while my chiropractor decides to impart some wise words to me. Today he told me something he’d told me before, but today it had special significance. He said, “Do something you’re passionate about today.” “I went to kundalini yoga!” I said. “Is that enough, or do I have to do something else? :)” He said, “Always do something you’re passionate about! Today and the next day, and just keep doing it!” Well, I spend my time doing things I like. Thank everything there is that I don’t have to spend my time working a job I don’t like anymore. But he didn’t say do something you like to do. He said “Do something you’re passionate about.” Wow. Am I passionate about practicing kundalini yoga, or do I like practicing kundalini yoga? Am I passionate about my business, or do I like/love my work? There’s a lot of depth here. Certainly I can bring passion to the things I love, and clearly the time has come for me to really live in my passion.

What are you passionate about? The answer to this seemingly simple question is our key to thriving on this planet. The answer to this question tells you what you’re here to do.



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