Moving Beyond Your Thoughts

Young lady with her eyes closed, close up

Are you frustrated with yourself because as much as you know you should stop putting yourself down, you know you should stop thinking those old, destructive thoughts, you just can’t seem to? That’s because you’re trapped in your mind. Healing your mind is an important part of your healing journey. Replacing destructive thoughts with constructive, loving, supportive thoughts is extremely important. (Check out Louise Hay’s work on positive affirmations and this video on reprogramming your mind.) But you will come to a place where your thoughts can get you no further in your healing journey. So what to do? Get out of your mind for a while. If we’re stuck in our minds all the time we become very neurotic. Our brains are very busy, stressful places, and they need to be kept in check. In order to ultimately take control of your mind, you’ll have to get out of your mind. In America we have an expression that says “She’s out of her mind!”, which means, “She’s crazy!”. But if you want any sanity in this physical world, what I’m telling you is that you have to get out of your mind and put it in its rightful place, as a tool rather than your ruler. The first step in order to experience yourself outside of your mind is to experience the void, a lack of thought, a place of silence. Take a vacation from your busy, stressful mind! The easiest way to do this is to simply close your eyes and focus on your breath. If you feel so inclined, you can even go into pranayama which is simply a method of controlled breathing, such as breath of fire. Pranayama will bring you into an altered state.

When you start to feel your mind going around in that familiar hamster wheel, close your eyes and take a little vacation. Through this practice, you will start to see little glimpses of your true, eternal self that is outside and beyond mind. With regular practice you will start to get profound insight and establish deep connection to your eternal self. In yoga we call a daily personal spiritual practice a sadhana. Now buckle your safety belt, because you’re really in for a ride! The journey into your true self is the most important journey you’ll ever take!


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