Feeding My Soul

french broad river


Sometimes I like to make myself disappear into nature. I love to feel such deep, deep appreciation that an ancient part of me melds again with my natural surroundings. There’s no time, only nature’s pace. No self, no thoughts, no past and future. There’s only the trees growing and the wind blowing and the river flowing and the birds flying, and it all embraces me as I come home again as if to say, “Where have you been? We’ve missed you.”


I love this ancient river. It has seen so many changes around it. But she is still the same, and she is wise. Underneath the noise of the cars is the flow of the water and the sounds of the birds. This spot called to me today, and it had a message for me: feed your soul as you feed your body. People put all the energy and time in the world into ensuring that they can put food on the table and have a roof over their heads, but they don’t take the time to feed the soul. It’s important to have space in our lives to just be. That’s where the essence of life springs from. In nature we can we can find freedom and tap into our true natures. This is where we come from.


I love to forget about time and mosey with the dandelions.

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