Life Transformation Through My Body

coming out of the water

In the summer of 2012 I was hit by a car on my bike. That was one of the most blessed days of my life. Not only did I not die, and did I end up merely sitting on my butt after the collision, this day was the beginning of a new life for me. The woman’s insurance provided me with free Chiropractic care that started the process of re-configuring my body. I moved to a new town and put it in the universe’s hands to put my new, perfect Chiropractor into my path. Just a couple of months later, the signal came, I followed, and there he was.


Through the last 3 ½ years of receiving Network Chiropractic care, I went from viewing my body as basically a lump of meat to discovering the extremely complex temple of technology that I occupy on planet earth. The calculated, gentle process releases energy that I have stored inside of my body. All of this energy is resistance, my reactions to the little traumas that were occurring over my lifetime. My pattern of resistance was set in my body, and I continued to hold that pattern of resistance. I was unaware that it was there, and I wouldn’t have had any idea how to change that pattern. Twice a week my Chiropractor releases this old, stagnant energy so that I can transform it and use it for productive things in my life. The entire process has been about breaking out of my patterning; the generational patterning, the societal patterning. Breaking out of patterning, choosing what I want to do with my energy, and being the creator of my very own life experience.


After the extraordinary experience of opening up a spinal gateway yesterday, I had a dream about my parents that was completely different than the others. I dream of my parents often, and they’re usually the same in my dreams. They usually want me to wear more makeup or some really vain, dis-empowering thing, and I am pretty mildly irritated by them. In my dream last night, they were being truly horrendous, like unruly monsters; completely unconscious, treating me with utter disregard. Cruel, but so utterly wrapped up in their own stories, so unconscious, that they’re unaware of their cruelty. And where my reaction to them in life was always to go into my shell, I shouted at them. I threw things at them. I was repulsed by them. My mother was barging her way into my bedroom door, and I physically held her back with all my might.


The dream symbolizes that instead of storing the trauma in my neck in reaction to my parents, I’m now fully aware of them and their effect on me, and I now have the tools to deal with it.


My body used to be like a garbage can where I would store my overwhelming unwanted emotions. Now it’s a wonderful tool with many powers and abilities that I can’t wait to discover. My Chiropractic process has been a tool and a guide for the deep healing of my humanity.


In 3 1/2 years, I am a completely new person. It feels as if before I was sleeping and I woke up as my self. The person before was a product of her environment. Who I am now is new all the time.

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