Breaking Out of the Old Me- Taking a Day of Transformation

breaking out

I dreamed last night that I was in New York City. New York City holds this mystique to me. It’s difficult for me to imagine what it’s like to be there. It seems so big with so many different energies and so much going on. I was in a car with an anonymous female friend. She noticed that we were driving from the backseat! It was my car, but since she was on the driver’s side, I told her she had to grab the steering wheel from the backseat. We had to figure out a way to get into the front seat so we could drive!


I didn’t think much about this dream until the following unfolded:


I was excited to go about my normal morning routine this morning. But while I was on my way to the woods I realized I wasn’t going to be able to do my usual routine. I was upset and started setting my intention to make it possible for me to do the said task. But it wasn’t long before I got into the woods and sunk into my environment that it occurred to me that I could use this seeming holdback to my advantage.


I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed. There’s just so much to do! I’m starting a new endeavor and running an online business. It’s been bothering me that I haven’t had much time and energy to devote to this new endeavor.


As I walked through the woods it started occurring to me that I desperately need to break out of my old self. That’s what’s had me feeling so overwhelmed and agitated. I desperately wanted space for this new me and this new endeavor that feels like such a big part of the new me to come through! I wasn’t allowing it.


More and more started coming to me about this day. I would do everything differently today. I wouldn’t do anything for my online business, which is the main use of my energy. I would be free. I would be completely in a state of receiving, moving in an inspired way through my day with no expectations about what could happen. I’m moving into a new space, after all- uncharted territory!


I got home, and I thought, “Time to shake things up! Everything has to change!” I started moving things around and saging the whole space.


I felt incredibly motivated to do things that have been on my to-do list for too long. “Clearing space,” I thought. I needed to remove the burden of some tasks from my mind.


I made a conscious decision to do every single thing differently today. When my food was ready I even decided to eat it in a new place.


“All these habits!” I thought to myself. Where I eat, when I check facebook, my priorities- all habits! I clearly started to see how detrimental our habits can be to us. They save us a lot of time, yes. But they need to be revisited on the regular to make sure that they’re still useful for us. And we don’t want to LIVE in habit! Most of our time needs to be free-flowing , and we need to consciously be open to what’s new. We need to make sure we have room for what’s new and wants to come through. We need to be always open to new and better ways of doing things!


We need to shake it up! We need to turn things completely upside down and keep things fresh. We need to know when it’s time to die and be reborn. For me, today is so a day of dying to my old habits; breaking the hell out of there!


The universe seems to be extremely pleased with my intention for today because everything has unfolded serendipitously. It’s almost like I can hear it rejoicing.


I’m moving into a new me TODAY. And wouldn’t you know….. it’s the Leo new moon.

One response to “Breaking Out of the Old Me- Taking a Day of Transformation

  1. Love this post! It is so true. I am very guilty of this and I too have noticed when I take time for myself to just be free and let the energy flow, not only do I end up getting more done, but everything just seems to fall together. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

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