Why is this blog called “Body Mind Heart Healing?” Because these are the three foundations of your healing journey.

bodyBody: Your physical body is the container for your life force. In our modern world, there are many elements that impede on our physical well-being. Your body will fight against unnatural foods, over the counter and prescription drugs, and other impurities you ingest. Your body needs nourishment in order to function and flourish. A clean, nourished, healthy body is the foundation for all your healing work. If you’re intoxicated often, if your body is busy fighting the poisons you put into it, it takes a lot of  your energy. Impurities and intoxicants cloud your mind and block your energy. I’m passionate about natural healing, and you will find information in this blog about how I’ve healed myself naturally without drugs.

If you’re doing your affirmations, regularly doing your sadhana (your daily spiritual practice), meditating, and all the while eating foods your body doesn’t like, you will be stuck and find you can only get so far in your healing journey.

mindMind: Your mind can be a great tool, or it can be your worst enemy. I think we’ve all experienced times when living inside of our mind was a living hell. Our self talk can be so destructive, our beliefs so limiting and constricting; our judgments can stifle us. We can eat only the healthiest foods and spend hours a day working out, but if our minds are cluttered, unpleasant places, our lives can be a nightmare. If you have reprogrammed your mind and have it under your control, it’s a great tool. With it we can imagine, create, solve problems.




heartHeart: The mind is a destructive force if the heart isn’t its companion.

We live in a cruel world, and all of us have been hurt immensely by our friends, our families, and even strangers. Our hearts hold a lot of hurt and resentment. The sadness and anger have to be healed so that we can be free and happy and open to love, which is the greatest force in the universe. When we are open to love, we have discovered life, and we have discovered where our true power lies.

The heart chakra is the gateway to enlightenment. It’s the opening of the portal from the dense, physical world to the lighter world of the energy being -to our evolution.


In this blog you’ll find posts about healing your body, heart and mind and beyond. What is beyond? That’s what I’m discovering, and I’m so excited to share my experience with you!